Understanding and Supporting the Repair Process Elements

1. Nutrition- At the beginning of this special report we mentioned the need to follow a plant-based Mediterranean Diet. However, in most cases this may still not allow most people to achieve optimum nutritional levels. Most functional medicine doctors also recommend a multiple vitamin and mineral supplement to satisfy the need for various micronutrients. Another way is to consume a green powered drink in a morning smoothie. This can add 7-9 helpings of fruits and vegetables without including the extra sugar, as well as provide the necessary micronutrients.

2. Detoxification strategy- Toxins from many sources can cause DNA damage, over time, if it has not been repaired effectively. This DNA damage accumulates and can be measured by the 8-OHgD urine test previously mentioned. This damage creates a challenge for the DNA repair process and can be partially addressed with a high-quality detoxification program. One such program is called Clear Change provided by Metagenics. Your functional medicine doctor may have other options, but this program by Metagenics is one of evidence-based detoxification programs available.

3. Anti-viral strategy- Viruses can enter the body at any time and keeping them in check helps to allow the DNA damage repair process to be more effective. This should be controlled by several of the nutraceuticals mentioned in this article including vitamin C, vitamin D, zinc, quercetin and olive leaf extract.

4. Anti-inflammatory strategy- Inflammation is also a constant threat that needs to be controlled to optimize the DNA damage repair process. Several of the nutrients in this protocol help to achieve this including vitamin C, Specialized Pro-resolving Mediators, curcumin and molecular hydrogen.

5. Energy development- Cells need a lot of energy to ensure all cellular processes function in an efficient and effective manner. The nutrition in this protocol should be able to ensure this is possible due to the addition of key nutracueticals including magnesium, CoQ10 and berberine.

6. Senolytic management- Dead or damaged cells can sometimes accumulate in the body and should be periodically removed in order to protect other cellular processes. There are several products that can assist in this dead cell removal process including a product from Life Extension called Senolytic Activator. The product uses Bio-Fisctin, Theaaflavins and Bio-Quercetin to accomplish this removal process on an occasional basis.

7. Spike protein detoxification- The COVID-19 vaccinations have been shown to cause the replication of spike proteins, which can cause damage to blood vessels and most organs in the body. This can put a serious strain on the immune system and impede the effectiveness of this DNA cardiovascular repair process. Fortunately, many of the nutrients mentioned in this article have been shown to reduce the influence of these spike proteins. To determine if someone feels they need more support in this spike protein detoxification process please access the link to the Spike Protein Detox Guide from the World Council of Health.28

8. Plaque removal and lesion stability- Both of these items are part of this cellular repair program and need not further attention.

9. Radiation exposure- The final optimization consideration is exposure to electromagnetic radiation such as X-rays, computers, cell phones and cell phone towers. This a special form of toxin that cannot be seen and also accumulates in the body with each exposure. The new 5G system is especially dangerous due to the dramatic increase in information being transmitted through the towers and into our homes and bodies.29 A study explaining this danger and who to minimize it can be found in this link: Radiation The Silent Killer.

10. Increase nitric oxide- Nitric oxide causes blood vessels to widen and thus reduce the risk of a stroke or heart attack. It also stimulates the release of certain hormones, such as insulin, and human growth hormone needed for the repair of cells in the cardiovascular system. Foods such as beets help produce nitric oxide, as do nutritional supplements such as L-citrulline and L-arginine. A powdered product that contains these and other similar NO enhancers can play an important role in the repair of damaged cells in the cardiovascular system.30

Disclaimer: While this protocol is supported by solid scientific evidence it is always advisable to consult a well-trained and qualified medical professional to ensure that individual biochemistry and conditions are taken into consideration.

Repairing DNA Damaged Cardiovascular Cells with Natural Medicine

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