Who Can Benefit From This Program

There are at least four distinct groups that can benefit from the heart tissue repair program described above. There may be more categories, but these have been identified thus far.

1. Existing heart disease and stroke patients- This group is easily identified by their prior diagnosis and treatment status. Most of them will already be on medication of some kind and/or have had surgery. These patients are most likely being treated by allopathic doctors and will need to find an integrated doctor to work with in order to effectively utilize the protocol outlined in this article.

2. Existing Long COVID patients- These patients may or may not be under a doctor’s care. The ones that are could be working with an allopathic or a natural doctor of some kind. Most natural doctors will understand and know how to use this protocol. Natural doctors are also often called naturopaths or functional medicine doctors.

3. Existing chronically ill patients- Some patients may have existing conditions such as diabetes or cancer, which has implications for the risk of cardiovascular challenges. Heart failure is a major risk factor for these patients and allopathic doctors may not be aware of the diagnostic and treatment alternatives discussed in this article. A second natural doctor may need to be involved to provide a second opinion or be added to the team of health practitioners being used by a patient.

4. People interested in prevention- Some people may have a family history of heart disease or simply be interested in not being surprised by a heart attack or stroke after the age of forty. This natural protocol is definitely worthy of consideration for those interested in prevention. The following chart explains how cells deteriorate gradually in six stages of cellular decline.

This program can identify and stop this deterioration with proven physiological assessment tools.

Disclaimer: While this protocol is supported by solid scientific evidence it is always advisable to consult a well-trained and qualified medical professional to ensure that individual biochemistry and conditions are taken into consideration.

Repairing DNA Damaged Cardiovascular Cells with Natural Medicine

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