Like so many women, the midlife middle spread seemed to have sneaked up on me. I knew I had just emerged from two years of major life changes with its accompanying stress. Well, really, to be totally honest, MAJOR STRESS! However, I was not at all prepared for my doctor’s rather blunt comment.

Rather tactlessly he said. “What has happened to you? You look like you are six months pregnant.”

Now I knew I had been carrying some extra cortisol-induced weight around the midriff, but I guess denial is a really wonderful thing. I really didn’t think I looked that overweight. Stepping onto his scale really ripped the veil of illusion from my eyes!

For most women, weight gain is the bane of our existence. It is a culturally induce fat phobia. Aside from our vanity, extra-weight is a health hazard. In 2004 the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) ranked obesity as the number one health threat facing America. More than 60 percent of women over the age of 20 fall into the overweight category. That’s makes it 64.5 million of us. If we’re talking obesity that means almost 35 million more are in that category.

Americans spend a lot of money on weight loss programs and diets—$50 billion annually! That’s an awful lot of our hard earned cash.

Whether we like it or not, the older we get the less efficient our body becomes at detoxifying, maintaining a dynamic metabolism, balancing hormones and managing blood sugar. All of these issues can add to ever upward-creeping weight. Popular drugs also play their part. It is well acknowledged that HRT, anti-depressants, statins, and blood pressure medications list weight gain as side-effects.

I have not been immune from this obsession with body image. There were times when I have been thin. And there were times when I have been fat. I dieted and fasted and cleansed and starved and exercised until I was blue in the face.

Over the years I cleaned up my nutritional regime. I basically ate a gluten-free, sugar-free, soda-free, processed- food free, organic food diet. I exercised (sometimes). I made the extra effort to manage my stress levels. I took my nutritional supplements. I balanced my hormones (naturally). I went to sleep at a decent hour (going to bed after 11 p.m. and getting less than seven hours increases weight gain).

I thought I was doing everything right but my weight loss was stalled. I couldn’t get it to budge. So, it’s no wonder that my doctor’s comment was such a blow to my self-image and my fruitless efforts.

Enter the Ultimate Fat Loss and Body Resculpting Program One day, a chance comment about a new kind of weight loss program changed my life. I was introduced to HCG, Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, an obscure hormone that I had never heard of before.

It seems that HCG plays a major role in our survival. I learned that although it is produced in every cell in our body, it is found in very high amounts during pregnancy. One of its jobs is to ensure the survival of the pregnant mother and fetus by signaling the hypothalamus to release stored fat to be used as fuel and nourishment. Under the command of HCG, these fats reserves will provide 1500–2000 calories a day of energy and nutrition.

However, it is important to emphasize that HCG is a sex hormone found naturally in both sexes. Its action is identical in men, women, and children, young and old alike.

Its message is simple—open the rusty hinges on those doors holding in long term storage fat.

What HCG does for a pregnant women, is what it can also do for the rest of us. This amazing hormone has become the key ingredient to one of the most successful permanent fat loss and resculpting programs ever created. We have Dr. A. T. W. Simeons to thank for that.

Dr. Simeons was an English medical doctor who discovered that HCG had a major impact on fat loss by regulating the hypothalamus. The main function of this master gland is homeostasis, or maintaining the body’s status quo. Ultimately the hypothalamus can control every endocrine gland in the body. It also regulates other factors such as blood pressure, body temperature, fluid and electrolyte balance, and body weight.

The message that HCG gives the body is to release reserves of long-term stored fat. That’s the ugly fat that we struggle so hard to rid ourselves of. It’s the fat that is stored in our abdomen, thighs and hips. This is also the fat that accumulates as fat pads in our arms, knees, back and neck. For men, it’s the fat that piles up in their abdomen, making them look several months pregnant.

The most frustrating thing about this variety of fat is that no amount of dieting will ever touch it. It is only accessible with HCG. The body seems to hold on to it for dear life as part of its survival strategy.

The first to go when we start the usual, run-of-the-mill diet is water, muscle and subcutaneous fat—the fat that gives shape to our face and fullness to our breasts. No wonder most diets result in saggy and toneless skin.

But HCG is totally different. It releases ONLY the long-term stored fat, it actually helps the body to properly redistribute weight and regain firmness in the body. So on the HCG program you not only lose pounds, you lose inches! No sagging… no loose skin. In fact, it actually helps to tone your body.

And the most amazing thing is that Dr. Simeons discovered people were able to lose a pound of fat a day on average. While most weight loss programs recommend one or two pounds a week, the HCG program enables people to lose as much as a pound a day as well as eliminating inches.

An important aspect of this program is the discovery that the HCG program actually resets the body’s metabolism. When the program is followed precisely, you are able to regain a healthy metabolism. This is key to making sure your weight will stay off. Yo-yoing can then become a thing of the past.

The Thyroid Is Not the Answer
I used to believe that the thyroid would help with fat loss. However, according to Dr. Simeons, that is not the case. In fact, the thyroid plays no part in releasing the fat that causes us to be overweight and obese. This was quite a revelation to me.

Dr. Simeons writes: When it was discovered the thyroid gland controls the rate at which body-fuel is consumed, it was thought that by administering thyroid glandular to obese patients their abnormal fat deposits could be burned up more rapidly.

This, too, proved to be entirely disappointing because as we now know, these abnormal deposits take no part in the body’s energy-turnover—they are inaccessibly locked away.

Thyroid medication merely forces the body to consume its normal fat reserves, which are already depleted in obese patients, and then to break down structurally essential fat without touching the abnormal deposits. In this way a patient may be brought to the brink of starvation in spite of having a hundred pounds of fat to spare.

Thus any weight loss brought about by thyroid medication is always at the expense of fat of which the body is in dire need.

Dr. Simeons’ Gift to an Overweighted World
Dr. Simeons’ program was a major innovation for the approach to permanent weight loss. He established a successful clinic in Rome it the 1960s, which catered to the rich and famous. There are many clinics in Europe and South America that continue to use Dr. Simeons’ program successfully.

The good news is that you no longer need to be a celebrity to afford the wonderful benefits of HCG.

While Dr. Simeons original program revolved around injections of HCG, there is now a more convenient and easy method to get the exact same results.

Are you skeptical of such a program? Well, I certainly was. The original program required a daily subcutaneous self-administered injection of HCG. There was no way I would do that.

But I then learned that there was another HCG option. This involved taking oral drops of an HCG homeopathic remedy daily. Homeopathy, a 200 year-old healing approach, based on the emerging science of energy medicine that imprints the energy of a substance without using the actually physical substance. The body is literally able to read the information and create the desired outcome. In the case of homeopathic HCG, it has the exact same effect as the more unpleasant and expensive HCG hormone injections.

The Best Part is its Absolute Effectiveness and Safety
So, I decided to give it a try. Using the HCG homeopathic drops along with following Dr. Simeons’ protocol of specific foods in specific amounts for a specific period of time I embarked on this experiment. The best part of all, this program requires no specific exercise routines nor expensive eating plans nor special dietary formulas.

Now for most of us, stepping onto a scale to weigh in is equivalent to an extreme masochistic act. However, on this HCG program, it was closer to a religious experience. I would step on the scale in the morning and excitedly discover that a pound of fat had literally dematerialized from my body every day.

But it wasn’t only the fat. It was also the inches. My old clothes were literally falling off me. I wasn’t hungry at all. My energy was off the charts. And before my very eyes I saw my body transforming. The midriff disappeared and my hips and thighs are the thinnest they have been since my 16th birthday! An accomplishment I never thought possible in this lifetime. And wonders of wonders—my muscle tone actually improved.

During this 23-day protocol, I lost 15 pounds and 2 dress sizes.
The most impressive part of this amazing program was that by resetting my hypothalamus and my metabolism, my weight has not varied more than a pound in several months. It appears that Dr. Simeons was right. By improving metabolic functioning on the HCG program, there is a greater likelihood that this new weight loss is here to stay.

Since venturing into the HCG world, I have assisted many of my patients and friends on this protocol. Every single one of them has been successful. Men seem to have a fat loss advantage over women; they are much bigger losers on this program. However, the good news is that everyone can be a big loser.

Not only did they loss pounds and inches, they have all gained health benefits—joint and knee aches and pains disappeared, blood sugar levels returned to normal, blood pressure was lowered, sleep improved, energy increased, skin tone rejuvenated and food cravings disappeared.

It’s not often that a weight loss program can deliver such fabulous results. In fact, there is no weight loss program that I know of that can safely release long-term fat reserves nor reset the hypothalamus for on-going weight maintenance.

Could the wonderful discovery of Dr. Simeons be the solution for the growing epidemic of obesity with all of the accompanying chronic health problems?

I have no doubt that in our diet-crazed world of people desperately seeking help, this is truly the ultimate fat loss and body resculpting program.

I have now developed an integrated program based on Dr. Simeons’ work using a comprehensive homeopathic protocol. To learn more about it please visit my Web site

Thank you Dr. Simeons for providing the answer to our weight loss prayers.